Welcome to my guided meditations page. These meditations, talks and classes will always remain free. You are welcome to share them with as many people as you like.

While these will be an expansive work in progress, I’ve decided to put them up one at a time as they are completed so that they can be immediately accessible.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions – I’m open to requests as well!

Metta Meditation directed entirely to the self.
Run Time : 5 Minutes 41 Seconds

Metta Meditation for grief.
Run Time : 6 Minutes 13 Seconds

Short metta mediation focusing on letting go.
Run Time : 4 Minutes 03 Seconds

Food for thought! Why think about putting yourself first?
Run Time : 6 Minutes 23 Seconds

Body Scan & Finger Breathing Meditation.
Run Time : 17 Minutes 09 Seconds

Maha Moonam Mantra (3 Times)

by Amanda Madhu

Stillness of the body, the speech and the mind.
Run Time : 3 Cycles

A meditation using metta(loving kindness).
Run Time : 15 Minutes 10 Seconds