Trauma Informed Yoga

Trauma Informed Yoga

Trauma informed yoga can be beneficial in both small groups and one on one sessions.

Practice for Medical Caregivers (or Medical Patients):

Thursdays over zoom from 8-8:30pm MST. This pay-what-you-can-based practice is curated for parents or caregivers of children with medical concerns. The recommended fee is $5 per week, but you can also change the fee to as low as $0. While getting to practice making choices, others in similar situations practice alongside creating a shared authentic experience. Links are sent out every Thursday morning via email.

If you want to be added to the list to be notified, send me an email!


Individual Sessions:

What you can expect:

  • Shorter practices (30) in person or over zoom (practice can be any length depending on the needs)
  • An opportunity to explore movement and shapes
  • An opportunity to make choices and to explore potential sensations within your body
  • Invitational language – everything is your choice!

Working together, we can develop an idea of what your practice might look like, while also acknowledging the potential for it to shift and change both before and during the practice.

A no-obligation complimentary phone consultation can give us an opportunity to discuss the potential to work together. Fill out the contact form below, or email me at info@withinyouyoga.com.

Practice costs are on a sliding scale.



This yoga has been very relaxing and offers me a chance to have a wee bit of time carved out for myself that I never usually get to have. The way you teach the class is nice and relaxed and I don’t feel any pressure to be good at something. Just follow what my body needs. The day after yoga is especially good as I have a lot of medical issues myself and my body feels better for having moved the previous day. I will continue to enjoy your yoga class until you no longer offer it. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

Trauma Informed Yoga Participant

Thanks so much for that trauma informed practice. I broke down because I looked at my legs and realized they work and I can feel them. For so long they didn’t work when I was disabled, and I either couldn’t feel them or tried not to because of chronic pain. But when you block out pain you block out joy too, and love. So thank you for inviting me to see myself and reconnect with my body. To feel my body. And to acknowledge how far it’s taken me. And reminding me that feeling isn’t always painful.

Trauma Yoga Participant

Thank you! It is helpful that you make it clear that things like camera on/off, being late, to move or not are all optional. It takes such a load off. I appreciate you so much.

Trauma Informed Yoga Participant

Contact me for more information or to set up your complimentary phone consultation:

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