Trauma Informed Yoga

Trauma Informed Yoga Training 

Do you want to know how to teach from a trauma informed lens? Do you want a deeper understanding of trauma and the potential impacts it has on people and humanity as a whole? Do you work with trauma survivors? Are you wanting to work with trauma survivors?

If you answered yes, or maybe, to any of the above questions, then this training might be the ideal one for you!

Trauma informed training will give you an opportunity not only to learn how to work with others, but also an ability to look within and understand who you are.


Amanda’s Trauma Informed YTT was incredibly informative and insightful. There was ample opportunity to observe and practice TI practices. I feel prepared and empowered to incorporate TI principles into my teaching.

Engineer & Yoga Teacher

In this 20 hour training you will learn:

  • What is trauma
  • What are types of trauma
  • Trauma Responses
  • ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences)
  • What happens in the brain when trauma occurs
  • What is the nervous system
  • Polyvagal theory
  • What is trauma informed yoga
  • What are the principles of trauma informed yoga
  • Languaging with a trauma informed lens
  • Power Dynamics
  • Yogic Underpinnings

Above Average Wellness: April 19-21, 2024 Register Here
Within You Yoga: September 20-22, 2024 Register Here (this is an online offering) | Friday 5:30-8:30pm | Saturday 9am-5pm | Sunday 9am-5pm
Yogarise Wellness: Returning soon! 

Please note: Trainings run through other studios may have their own polices and different fees.

With many years of teaching experience in the world of mental health, and hundreds of hours of Trauma Yoga Training completed, Amanda is ready to bring forth her expertise to others. It’s been a tough few years, and many of us have experienced trauma individually and/or collectively. Let’s join together in community to start to offer the opportunity to reclaim the body.

This training will be offered over Zoom or in person depending on the location. Times given are MST. 

Sliding scale available upon request for the zoom offering.

Having a trauma informed perspective has added so much to my mind. It gave affirmations that all of us experience life in different stages and the range of ways are nervous system responds. I learned so much and have a few new outlooks of some past chapters in my life.

Training Participant

To register:
Once registration is open, information will be posted here.

Fine print:
Refunds will only be issued up to 2 weeks before training less a $50 fee. 
Prices are in Canadian dollars. International students please contact me for an alternate payment option.
A manual is included.
This counts as 20 hours of Continuing Education through Yoga Alliance. 

What this training isn’t:
This training is in no way meant to replace the work of health care professionals and as such, will not tell you how to heal your own trauma(s) or the trauma(s) of others. 


Amanda delivered a very informed workshop, she was very knowledgeable regarding the subject of Trauma informed Yoga. The discussions were open and I felt Amanda really respected the participants sharing their stories or experiences.

Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Reiki Practitioner

Amanda is extremely well versed in trauma informed yoga. She is knowledgeable, passionate about the subject and is able to share her knowledge in a way that is understandable, practical and informed.

Retired Educator

This whole training is about meeting yourself and people where they are at and growing from there. I wish this training was mandatory for all humans.

Yoga Teacher

I learnt so much about myself & about my own trauma and skills and resources I can use to teach both kids and adults. Grateful for Amanda’s teaching always ❤️


This was very informative, and as a yoga teacher I feel like I was able to take and apply some of these principles in my general public classes right away. On a personal level learning about this topic has expanded my awareness of my own reactions and helped me to understand myself on a new level. Thank you for the care and effort put into leading this course, and for handling a sensitive topic with kindness and understanding.

Yoga Teacher

This training was life changing for me. Not only did I learn how to support others in trauma, I learned how to support myself in a whole new way. It gave me the understanding of why I struggle with PTSD at a deeper, more compassionate level. I was blown away by Amanda’s knowledge and expertise. She also creates the safest space I have ever found to learn how to show up as I am and share my gifts with others. I would highly recommend this Trauma Training for all.

Adult & Youth Yoga Teacher

When I signed up for the training, I knew I was in for a weekend of heavy emotions and deep learning. I left the weekend feeling empowered and armed with the tools and knowledge to share this practice and hopefully make an impact for those around me. Thank you to Amanda for facilitating such a comprehensive and impactful training. My heart is so full!


What a wonderful course and simply eye opening about the power of the mind body connection. This course helped put in perspective my own experiences, while also providing a framework for both making trauma sensitive classes, as well as adding concepts of trauma informed yoga into everyday classes.

Public Relations

This is such an important training. Even if you do not plan to teach specifically, just for knowledge and understanding. Everyone, not just yogis, should take this training. It should be taught in high schools and businesses and communities and everywhere.


The training last weekend was amazing. I truly appreciated the atmosphere (as always) and the examples that Amanda
shared with us. Talking about trauma is delicate and I'm not exactly sure how Amanda did it, but it felt hopeful
somehow.. I learned so much and I feel that the tempo and structure were exactly right.


I signed up for the Trauma Informed course looking for a more mindful way to speak and increase my knowledge from a
yoga teachers perspective.  I received tenfold what I was hoping to.  Even though this is a very heavy and sensitive
subject the information was presented in an absorbable, enjoyable way.   Worth everyone’s time, effort and money to
gain a most valuable perspective on a topic that affects most people we encounter including ourselves.  Amanda
is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of trauma, highly recommend!  

Julie RYT500

The subject of trauma is deep and intense and, although impossible to learn all there is to know about trauma, Amanda presented the
material in a very digestible way. The handout provided was through and will be something I go back to often as
reference. Amanda created a container for learning that felt so safe and comfortable. She allowed for lots of questions
and discussion and moved at a pace that was perfect! I feel like this training may just be the beginning of the learning journey about trauma for me. I came away with many tools and strategies to help my classes (whether trauma informed or not) feel
more inclusive, inviting and accessible to ALL, regardless of background. 


Amanda’s trauma-informed yoga training went beyond my expectations. I appreciated the science behind how trauma affects the nervous system and brain, as well as exploring how power dynamics and adverse childhood experiences contribute to someone’s trauma. The principles of trauma-informed yoga were clearly explained, as well as highlighting language choices. I’m really glad I participated in the optional practicum – creating a short practice really showed me how challenging it is to use appropriate language and maintain a feeling of invitation for the students.

Yoga Teacher

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