Yin Yoga Training


Join experienced yoga teacher, Amanda Madhu Whiting, on a journey through yin yoga.

Yin yoga is a practice of depth, intensity, nourishment, and intuition. While exploring the body’s connective tissues, energetic pathways, and organ functions, a profound meditative portal opens, providing space and new ways of being in the physical experience.

Dates & Locations:

Prana Yoga Studio, 25 hour training – Dates TBD
Above Average Wellness, 15 hour training – Dates TBD
April 5-7, Yogarise Wellness, 20 hour training REGISTER HERE

Program Fees Include: program tuition, program manual, and certificate upon graduation. Please note there is a final assignment requirement prior to certification.

Course Material And Recommended Readings: We provide the course materials for you in the form of a manual. See below for recommended readings prior to attending the course.

The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga, Bernie Clarke 


Even if you don’t care to teach Yin I think every teacher should take this training. The information extends to all yoga practices and radically transformed how I view yoga, anatomy and teaching going forward.


I am so thankful for the Yin training offered at Prana Yoga studio. I was drawn to the training not because I loved yin yoga, but to explore why I didn’t. Throughout the training, my understanding of the benefits and opportunities to connect with my body and mind in this way, ignited an appreciation for yin. Thankfully, I am now more comfortable exploring and enjoying yin yoga in my own practice.

Teneil Q

I would HIGHLY recommend this training to anyone who wanted a beautifully paced and well thought out way of learning about the Yin yoga practices, theories and how they can assist us with everyday living. This training was so well laid out and so accessible – everyone would benefit from Amanda’s training program.

Training Participant

I absolutely loved every minute of this immersive weekend. It was like a sweet, cozy getaway to be around like-minded people and share the beautiful space at Prana to learn from each other and the wonderful teachers. Soaking up their knowledge is such a gift and you can feel the passion behind everything they say and in the way that they teach. I left this course with an incredible understanding of Yin and believe that anyone who is contemplating teaching Yin could benefit greatly from the newfound understanding you’ll gain in this course. I thought I knew a thing or two about Yin but I see now that I was only scratching the surface. Even if you don’t intend to teach it, you’ll have a new awareness of your mind/body when attending a yin class and that to me has been the ultimate gift!

Heather B

Amanda’s deep knowledge of yoga, and specifically yin yoga is amazing. It is truly amazing to witness her passion. I learned a lot about the poses, mores though it deepened my appreciation for Yin Yoga. 


This was my first experience of yin style yoga and I absolutely loved it! Yin has a beautiful capacity to drop us into the intensity of our bodies while keeping them in a place of stillness and release. I was very impressed with the presence, intelligence and passion of the teachers! Thank you very much. I really look forward to continuing on this path of exploration.


I was fortunate to participate in Amanda Whiting’s 40 hour Yin Yoga teacher training program recently. The amount of knowledge I gained in the style of Yin yoga, from the physical practice, to theory, to breath and energy lines was invaluable. I realize how much I didn’t know about the practice of Yin and also how Yin is the loveliest (in my opinion) of practices ever. I think this was made true because of Amanda – she is so nurturing and is capable of holding space for others in such a loving and honest way. I’m not sure if my experience would have been the same in another training program. Amanda’s love of Yin and all yoga as well as all people is so evident in her training style. I am so excited to share my learning’s with the yogi’s at the studio that I teach at. Plus I was able, for the very first time, to do my own home Yin practice. I have never even attempted that before. Thank you Amanda for re-igniting my love of yoga and humanity!