Wearing Inner Fire Leggings

Wearing Inner Fire Leggings

Yoga is an opportunity to explore our connection between mind and body. We often assume that the mind and body are separate entities within the same container, but in reality, they are one.

Think about this: when you stub your toe, what happens? (If you’re anything like me there’s some f bombs involved…)

But really, what happens? You immediately label what’s happened “toe hit chair/table/wall”. You label the sensation as pleasant/unpleasant/neutral (even if you don’t use those words). You make a decision about what to do next.

Wearing Inner Fire Leggings

Wearing Inner Fire Leggings

But what does this mean? 

​It means that your mind and your body have more conversations than we realize! How about we start paying attention to these conversations so we can become more familiar with the messages our body is sending us? If we start listening, we may hear that our body is giving us signs earlier than we’re used to. The body may give us a message that we’re tired, and before getting run down, we heed that message and go to sleep earlier. Or, perhaps you feel a tiny tickle in your throat and listen to that, taking steps to prevent it from going any further. 

It’s possible that through this listening, we become more in tune to ourselves, and thereby, begin to show ourselves more love, compassion and kindness. By taking care of ourselves, we learn that we matter. That we are enough. That we are worthy not only of love from others, but from ourselves. I believe, the first step to taking care of ourselves is to strengthen the mind body connection.

Some of the poses I’ve shown on this page are great options for strengthening this connection. By finding our way into a pose and taking time to explore and rest, we start to notice the subtitles of the pose – the energetic sensations that move within the body, the way micro movements actually changes the sensation of the pose.

Ankle Stretch: Sit on your heels and lean back. If you have knee injuries or plantar fasciitis, you may want to consider skipping this pose.

Legs up the fence: I’m holding on to my legs here because I’m massaging into the sides of the legs. Legs up the wall is my go to for those times where I’m tired / stressed / sore / sick / emotional / everything.

Pigeon: Again, knee injured skip this! Bring your knee wider than your wrist if you’d like. Flex the front foot. This is a pose where micro movements are everything. Try using your back toes to shift your weight. Try shifting your hips, your front foot. Maybe come down into sleeping pigeon.

Puppy: I have lotus legs here. If you want to do regular puppy (or melting heart), then keep your knees stacked under your hips. The goal here is a nice bend through the upper spine.

If you give the poses a try, stay in them for 10+ breaths. Let me know what happens as you begin to tune in to your body!

Disclaimer: I am wearing Inner Fire leggings in all of these photos! I am an Inner Fire Luminary which means that I benefit from posting about Inner Fire! That said, I do it because I love the brand! If you want to check them out you can by visiting their website. You can also use promo code amanda15 for your own discount.

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