A full moon is always an opportunity. It’s not only a time to put your crystals out to recharge (mental note: put my crystals out to recharge), but it’s also a time for new beginnings. So often we become stuck in old anger and resentment, and we let it boil up and over like a familiar dish.

What if we took the opportunity to release? To let go of anything that no longer serves you and open to things that increase your greater good?

Let me tell you a story.

A yoga teacher friend came to class one day. After class, she took me aside and said (I’m paraphrasing) “if you doubt yourself, just stop. Let that shit go because you ARE worthy. When you let it go, you’ll just make room for goodness.”

At the time it was hard to hear – I was in a place of self doubt and my worth as a flow teacher. Letting go wouldn’t be easy, but it was worth trying. So I began to sit – to sit in the vulnerability and doubt and discomfort. Instead of pushing it away and hoping to God that I would just get to the other side, I sat in it all. I sat and I sat and I sat. And Lo and behold, I started to let go. I let go of the attachment to expectation, because ultimately, the expectation was from me and no one else. I let go of comparison – I am who I am and to expect (there’s that expectation again) me to be someone else is unrealistic. I let go of the willingness to be immersed in old patterns.

I work with loving kindness and compassion on a regular basis. Letting go and releasing that which no longer serves you IS a loving kindness and compassion practice. You are making room for you to be you. To accept your own unique being, just as you are, without exception.

If you’re wanting to try to let go, I suggest reading the following and giving it a go – what do you have to lose (other than things you no longer need!)?

Sitting or lying in a comfortable position, bring your awareness to your heart center. Direct the breath to the center of the heart, and repeat the following in your head or out loud;
I am open to love.
I release anger and resentment.
I release judgment and comparison.
I release feelings of unworthiness.
I release expectation to outcome.
(Feel free to add your own release wish list)
I am open to endless possibility.

This can be a beautiful evening practice before bed, or one to do upon waking as a fresh start to the day.

Even though the full moon is a natural point to release anything that doesn’t serve your greater good, the practice of letting go is one that has a place in your daily practice.


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